Transforum Innovation

Great minds that don't think alike.®

The pressure is always on to find the next “hit” for your business. Coming up with compelling ideas in an increasingly competitive environment requires different thinking, and new ways to get there.

SpencerHall's Digital Idea Sprints infuse radical outsider thinking in a disciplined way to overcome the barriers between where you are now, and where you want to be.

We established a Brain Trust of game-changing and creative thought leaders representing diverse fields, professions and backgrounds – from entrepreneurs, behavioral scientists, and inventors to authors, artists, futurists, and more. Their expertise is pushing beyond status quo thinking.


We assemble an optimal mix of “outsiders” specifically for each project. They collaborate with your team using our cloud-based technology that creates an asynchronous, virtual space. Over several days, participants engage when and where they want:

  • Logging on to capitalize on the immediacy of group collaborative energy
  • Logging off to allow time for independent thought and reflection

Hundreds of ideas and buildouts are generated. SpencerHall then develops lead ideas into complete concepts, giving you a portfolio of big ideas ready for consumer testing.