Strengthening a brand's connection with consumers

A fast growing coffee company wanted to more deeply understand the essence of their leading brands to inform future innovation. The Company had been growing robustly, but wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how consumers connected to their brand, to identify insights to build upon, as well as guardrails to avoid.

Discovery Moments
We used SpencerHall's Sounding Boards to establish cells of brand enthusiasts and non users to understand how consumers connected with the different brands. We created a series of Discovery Moments, where we had non users try the brands and capture their thoughts and feelings. We also took the products away from users, depriving them of an experience they look to evoke the power of the connection.

Evocative techniques for deeper connections
We employed a variety of evocative techniques to uncover rich, subconscious insights, including designing a coffee mug that reflected their brand perceptions, creating a scrapbook of stories and memories of their experiences with the brand. We identified a number of very rich pathways for brand essence, and the key motivators/influencers that would drive deeper consumer connections with each brand, as well as clearly delineated the actionability among all the brands' touchpoints.