Engaging Millennials who believe your product isn't right for them.

A large national financial firm worried that Millennial consumers had little/no interest in traditional retirement products, which left them highly concerned for both of their futures. Convincing senior management was a challenge, however, given that they were so far away from Millennials in age and attitudes about money. We knew we had to bring this influential target to life and use this portrait as stimulus for generating new idea that would drastically shift the company's approach to retirement products and services.

Capturing the real Millennials
SpencerHall's online Sounding Boards research tool gave Millennials a forum for exploring their attitudes and beliefs about their financial future over an extended timeline, including how, why and what they were saving for. We then had a documentary filmmaker turn these deep insights into a film with real Millennial consumers that served as inspiration for our innovation efforts.

Stimulating creativity with outside experts
We used our patent-pending Transforum process to create new products/services that would meet the needs of how Millennials want to save for the future. In addition to SpencerHall's expert strategists, we included our Brain Trust of outside thought leaders in finance and adjacent categories, including Millennial Brain Trust experts, to stimulate truly breakthrough new thinking. The result was an entirely new way to motivate Millennials to save that will set the foundation for future product/service development.