Creating a value proposition in a crowded, undifferentiated market.

A leading financial company needed to build a distinctive value proposition with Financial Advisors for an investment product, in a market where fund providers/wholesalers all look and sound the same. We needed to find a fresh, strategic way to position products/services to Advisors so they perceived a real difference for their clients.

Maximizing target engagement
We used an iterative approach with Financial Advisors, which was essential given that they are difficult to recruit and even more challenging to keep engaged, given their busy schedules and ‘take charge' personalities. Prior to meeting them in person, we had them engage with our iRelate online collaging technique to help them move beyond typical industry ‘speak' to communicate more benefit-focused connections and opportunities. This early engagement created the right environment to open up a deeper conversation in person to uncover fresh, unmet needs.

Substantive input
We then facilitated an ideation session among a multi-functional client team, using the Advisor insights and our specialized tools to create value propositions concepts. We then shared and optimized the concepts with Advisors on SpencerHall's Sounding Boards online qualitative site, allowing us to work with them when they had the time and focus to really engage and provide substantive input.

Breaking through the clutter
Our ability to get Financial Advisors to engage beyond typical industry speak to share how to effectively trigger their interest meant the difference between an investment product that would have gotten lost in the clutter, and one that had a real shot of becoming a valuable investment resource.