Creating a mobile app to build consumer engagement and loyalty.

A well-known fast food chain needed to quickly respond to consumer demand for a mobile app that would make ordering customized, accurate, faster, and better aligned to customer needs. And because of the brand's market status, the app had to function perfectly from launch, incentivize usage with added value, and truly enhance the consumer experience with the brand.

Virtual ethnography at different moments in time
SpencerHall's approach allowed our clients to design an app experience that truly improved their engagement with the brand. Our study put the app in the hands of key targets over a 4-week period to ensure we understood the app pros and cons over different moments in time, meal occasions, needs, and offers. Each time respondents used the app each week, they logged onto SpencerHall's online iJournal site to discuss their experience via video, along with completing a quant survey, including the need it fulfilled and the functional pros/cons. This allowed the brand to see firsthand how, when, and why consumers used the app, along with key motivations.

Improved Engagement
Our approach uncovered the important insights and actions that greatly improved satisfaction and engagement from original app design to optimization, including what was needed to gain app usage and loyalty, along with key issues for improving staff performance.