Frazzled Mom

Creating First Mover Cleaning Products

A household cleaning products company wanted to generate a multi-year new product pipeline, with the goal of creating breakthrough products that would give them first mover advantage. SpencerHall first led an insight discovery program among the prime consumer target, and uncovered key motivations and desired outcomes that were not being satisfied.

Armed with this insight, we established a Brain Trust that included experts from Behavioral Science, Industrial Design, Microbiology, Interior Design and Professional Cleaning. We conducted a broad idea exploratory using our Disciplined Radical Thinking process that resulted in a portfolio of near and long-term ideas for compelling form and product innovation in household cleaning.

Quantitative testing of the lead ideas confirmed the strong consumer appeal and business potential of these ideas. As a result, the client was able to establish a multi-year innovation program for both their retail and industrial/commercial business units.