Sounding Boards


Virtual ethnography of your consumer's journey with your brand.

Qualitative research tends to be transactional, limited to single interactions where respondents are often asked to “think back to a time when you…”

SpencerHall’s Sounding Boards methodology creates thinking partnerships and engages with consumers over different moments of time, using virtual ethnography to share in-the-moment reactions via self-generated videos and photos. What’s more, we can work iteratively with consumers to mine insights, develop and test hypotheses.


Our experience is much more than a mark of credibility. The experience to design research to stimulate respondents to a deeper level of introspection is our essential difference. It’s the motivation and instinct to identify and chase down a potentially powerful insight; to incisively analyze results to create a roadmap forward; and to bring the voice of the consumer to life in a clear and compelling way that engages the organization.

At SpencerHall, we only have senior partners with the expertise to ensure you get the most out of your research. Each of us has 25-35+ years of experience. We come from the client and agency sides of the business, so we emphasize research actionability.

Moreover, we aren’t simply researchers. We work across a variety of contexts—research, strategy and innovation—and a myriad of industries, brands and targets. That depth and breadth of experience makes us more effective in any research role—whether conducting just a few focus groups or developing a comprehensive consumer blueprint.

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