Our Difference

Our Difference

No Shortcuts. Better routes. Smarter destinations.

At SpencerHall, we focus on the power of collaboration, bringing your team together with the "outsiders" who can push beyond conventional thinking for real innovation, and creating "thinking partnerships" with consumers to gain deeper insights at different moments in time.

We have built our business around innovative, experienced people and methodologies that achieve the highest standard attainable:

  • Senior Project Managers. There are no junior consultants at SpencerHall. Each of us has a proven 20+ year track record of doing smart work in a variety of relevant contexts.
  • True Partners. We recognize that you have enough on your plate already, and need a partner who is guaranteed to deliver forward looking insights, incisive thinking and strategic clarity.
  • Proven Results. We've helped clients create a wide range of successful new brands/products and reinvigorate established brands, often setting record high concept scores in the process.
  • Concept Experts. Our concept writing skills are highly regarded by some of the top global companies, who look to us to help them truly connect with consumers in a format that exceeds their success criteria.

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