We Go Beyond

to get you there first.

We Go Beyond

SpencerHall will inspire you to do things differently, guiding your team to a higher point of strategic clarity, consumer relevance, and brilliant new ideas.

Our Difference

like revolutionists.
like scientists.
like psychologists.
like artists.

We're not like everyone else in how we solve your unique business challenges. Our decades of experience, incisive thinking and industry-altering tools give us the power to truly add a new perspective and deliver real value.

If you could get a variety of great minds working together on your next innovation, why wouldn't you?

Real Innovation

SpencerHall's Transforum® innovation process springboards beyond conventional thinking by combining the expertise of your team with our Brain Trust of outside creative thought-leaders. The results have proven to be truly breakthrough.

until we have all the answers we'll keep finding better ways to ask the questions.

Better Research

SpencerHall’s Sounding Boards isn’t your typical online research site or bulletin board – it creates “thinking partnerships” with consumers, with “virtual” ethnography that lets you see and understand the full consumer journey.

we deliver
the future.

not just
a report.

Clear Strategy

This is not just another project. We’re out to discover something important for you and make it yours – a hidden gem of knowledge and opportunity capable of changing your business.

welcome to SPRINGBOARD.

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